• Covid- 19 update

    Entertainment brings us together.

    Spreading joy and fun in uncertain times.

    Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we will all get through this better, together!

    Impacts of COVID-19


    The spread of corona virus has negatively impacted people across the globe, and we at Wild Ace Entertainment are among them. Though many of our booked events and shows have been cancelled, suspended, and/or postponed, you can rest assured that we are still hard at work creating new and wonderful things just for you, with all the same expert quality you've come to love and expect from Wild Ace.


    Keep an eye on this page for future updates!


    In the meantime:


    Inquire about VIRTUAL MAGIC AND CIRCUS performances for your family or virtual office. Boost morale, be entertained, and let your imagination run WILD with personalized shows and experiences via Zoom or Skype.

  • Shows

    We have some exciting theatre shows coming up soon. Stay tuned for updates and tickets!

    Choose Your Own Variety Show!

    4/24 : 7:30pm | 4/25 : 3:00pm | 4/26 : 1:30pm



    10091 McGregor BLVD

    Fort Myers, FL 33919

    Welcome to the world's only variety show where the audience and fate combine to write the show on spot! Spin the wheel of destiny, and watch as magic and circus jump out of the wheel and come to life before your very eyes! Each act has a story and every show is different, but one thing is for sure: there will be danger, there will be magic, and there will be non-stop thrills and excitement! We'll all create the show together! Join vaudeville superstars George Gilbert and Brittany Sparkles for an hour you'll never forget!

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