• Wedding entertainment

    It is our great pleasure to provide you with the best and most engaging specialty wedding entertainment for your special day.


    “Wild Ace was the greatest option to entertain our guests while we were busy taking pictures after our ceremony. We got nothing but amazing compliments about how amazing and out of the norm it was...”

    -Vivi Arnold, 2019

  • Aerial Performers

    World-class Aerialists

    Suspended in the air, the lines between reality and fantasy become blurred. Beauty, strength, and grace combine in this beloved display of gravity-defying acrobatics. Fully length acts, ambient performances, and many apparatuses available.

    Comedy Magic

    Keep your audience laughing!

    Whether you want a headlining stage show, or a strolling magician to mystify and astound during cocktail hour, we have you covered!

    Comedy Juggling

    Keep your audience engaged!

    Whether you want a headlining stage show or a strolling juggler to entertain during cocktail hour, we have you covered! Imagine a hilarious entertainer that can juggle balls, clubs, rings, or even machetes and fire torches (while riding a 7 foot unicycle!)


    Get a Taste of the High-life

    ​A fun and fantastic addition to any event, stilt walking is an exciting way to add a bit more pizzazz and flair to your next affair. We have a plethora of costumes to choose from!


    Flexible Entertainment

    Watch as our performers push the limits of human mobility (and you thought you got bent out of shape at your job!)


    World Class Escape Magic

    Straitjakets and chains and danger, oh my! A headline escape act will be sure to keep your audience talking about your event for years!

    And so much more!

    Didn't find what you're looking for?

    We have an abundance of different acts that will be sure to make your event a smashing success, and we have the expertise to find the perfect entertainment for your next event! We can answer any questions you may have, even if you aren't quite sure how to ask.

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